Why Should I Be a Mystic?

Why would anyone want to be a mystic?  What does being a mystic offer a person?  It offers an intimate relationship with God of the Universe!  This certainly is a very good reason to seek to be a mystic.  And, it is available to all who genuinely and humbly seek it.  Our Triune God certainly does not intend to deny anyone Presence with God.  No one!  Jesus Christ made this very apparent.  He openly stated that He came to reach sinners!  He runs after those who are lost and uncertain.  He wants to be present to all and for all.

We must also be clear.  This gift of Presence is given without condition.  We cannot earn God’s love – it is already ours to have right now and always.  And this is where the Mystics of the past and present come in.  They show us how we are to attain this splendid Presence of Joy and Love.  They through their actions and words explain the gift they received – and how we are to achieve it as well.  For this, we can be both grateful and attentive.

The Catholic Church and the world at-large are filled with mystics that can guide us.  This website contains insights into what they have shared with us so that we too can proceed down this important and joyous path.  Be prepared to be with our Lord!  Rejoice!