When do we spend time with Jesus?

When do we take the time to just be with Jesus?  Is it daily?  How often daily?  Would our lives be richer and more meaningful if we did? I know my life would be more rich and whole if I spent more time in solitude and interaction with Jesus during my day.  In Luke’s Gospel (Luke 10:38-42) we get a lesson provided by the sisters Mary and Martha.  Martha is busy serving Jesus and those who have assembled to be with Jesus and each other.  Martha’s work is certainly important.  However, Jesus also sees Mary’s choice – to spend time with Him – as the better choice.  So much so, that He refuses to deny Mary of it despite Matha’s plea.  Why?  Jesus knows that both His dear friends Martha and Mary are both doing important things.  But, Mary’s – spending time with Jesus – is actually more vital.  Spending time in relationship with Jesus and our Triune Lord is clearly “the better part” as Jesus says.  And like Mary, if we seek it, it shall not be denied us.  And Jesus, true to His word, has never denied it to me.  It is only my own lack of seeking it, that has ever left me without my precious friend and Lord, Jesus.  So, ask yourself – are you seeking “the better part” and spending meaningful time with Jesus?  If not, like Martha in this story, so will be missing out on the life Jesus wishes so desperately that you would have.

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