What Role Does the Church Play for Mystics?

Community and Church are an essential grounding and enabling for grow in our relationship with God as mystics.  It is easy to get lost without our community of believers and our fellow travelers on the journey.  It is important to stay connected with others who help us find our way and help us stay on the path of Grace.

For example, Jesus sent His disciples out “two by two” when they went out to tell the Good News to others.  They did not go alone.  We should not either.  Even Jesus in his life gathered around him a community of friends – the Apostles and many others to include women.  He was showing us that we need community.  In fact, the Trinity is a community.  Relationship is at the heart of our faith.  We need others to walk with us successfully.  Stay with those who help you find connection.  Find others who need connection.  Together journey to greater Presence with God.  The Church and local communities help us to this well and with greater joy.