What Can Sin Teach Us?

What can sin teach us?  Our Triune God uses everything for our good.  If this is the case – and I believe it is –  then even sin can be used for our good.  Sin can teach us about ourselves and how walking away from the light affects us.  When we walk away – we see, feel and experience the darkness.  This very darkness can convince us to return to the light.  We learn so much from our mistakes.  We learn what not to do.  Our God is a forgiving God.  Our Lord Jesus came to show us how to live – to walk in the light.  In doing so, He truly was The Way.  Darkness will come – through our own actions or the actions of others.  When it does, can we learn from it?  Can we use it to find our way back to the Light?  If so, then even our sin can teach us great Grace.

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