The Cross is Our Salvation

The mystery of the cross teaches us how to stand against hate without becoming hate, how to oppose evil without becoming evil ourselves. Can you feel yourself stretching in both directions—toward God’s goodness and also toward recognition of your own complicity in evil? If you look at yourself at that moment, you will feel crucified. You hang in between, without resolution, your very life a paradox, held in hope by God (see Romans 8:23-25).  The goal of God’s work is always healing reconciliation, not retributive justice. And like Jesus, we must invest ourselves in this work of reconciliation that “the two might become one” (see Ephesians 2:13-18). – Fr. Richard Rohr

In a world of pain, hate and violence, it is Jesus who teaches us the answer.  He asks us to seek – and be – healing reconciliation.  We cannot use the world’s answer – retributive justice.  Retribution cannot bring justice.  Only forgiveness and love can bring justice and peace.  This is true in our lives – and in our society.

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