Prayer is at the Heart of Mystics

Prayer is the defining attribute of mystical life.  Without prayer, individuals are not really mystics.  We can live such busy lives.  It is easier than ever to be constantly doing things, thinking about things, and distracted by many other things.  Modern life is filled with to-dos and distractions.  So, to live a full mystical life a person must be intentional about prayer.  Time must be set aside to be in relationship with God.  It can be small moments and larger chunks of time.  But, it must be a part of the everyday life of a mystic.  I have found it useful to have specific times of the day where I pray.  Morning is my longest period.  I commit to 20 minutes of Centering Prayer and reading the daily Psalms and Gospel.  I also commit to writing in my journal to Jesus.  It is my “love letter” to Him each day.  I also have started to pray the Night Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours of the Catholic Church.  I have other times of the day I pause to pray such as a meal-time prayer.  Be intentional about your prayer.  It is at the heart of your commitment to being a mystic and sharing in the journey of intimacy with our Triune God.  Savor this part of your life.  You only get one life to live!

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