Go To The Saints

Saints have lived our lives. They have suffered, doubted, loved, and followed Jesus. Great examples and great friends in heaven awaiting to help us on our journey. Who are your go-to saints? Do you ask them for help? What can you do today to follow their example? They are your always willing companions on the journey.

Where Is Your Attention?

We can fill our lives with so many distractions and things or activities. However, do they bring us closer to Jesus? If not, we need to refocus our attention. Let the way of your life reflect the Way of Jesus. Pay attention to all that gives you life in Him. Redirect you gaze upon Jesus throughout your day so that you are able to walk faithfully in His Ways. This enhances the Grace we receive and give to God and others.

Are You The Same In Public and Private?

It is easy to compartmentalize our lives. We can be different in private than when we are in public. Faith is not something we can do this with. We are called to live our faith in all aspects of our lives. This is important as we live as Kingdom of God people. Christians should be identified by how we loved each other and all others. Is this true for us? We need to review our days and actions to seek to be always of Jesus each moment of our day.

Deep Knowledge

Do you want to know Jesus more deeply? Do you want to pray more, experience more, and love more? This demonstrates your longing to be with Jesus. Follow this instinct. Go deeper! Let Jesus lead you! When you stop trying to control your experiences and just be with Jesus, you can begin to let God take control of what is intended for you. Let go!

God’s Will

Can we leave ourselves behind and find God’s Will for us? This is the challenge of an everyday mystic. We are all uniquely call to give love and service in our lives. It will not always be easy. In fact, many days it is just really hard. It will take all of our might to follow through. In this turmoil, Jesus supports us. The Spirit guides us. The Creator love us. Day after day we can do God’s Will if we choose to. Listen to your heart – it will tell what today’s call is. You will have enough strength for today.

Do You Desire For Heaven?

Mystics desire for heaven and God within. Through desire and love we are already experiencing heaven through Jesus Christ. Heaven is a state of being as well as a place we wish to go after this life. Jesus came to show us how to live with love. He promised heaven upon our death if we will only follow His Way. Desire to be with Him and to live the way He taught us.

Let God In

Will you let God into your life today? Will you recognize God’s Presence? Our life is infused with God and yet we do not even notice. We fret. We are anxious. We can go astray so easily. Or, we can surrender to Jesus. We can let the Holy Spirit animate our lives. We can recognize the Creator Abba all around us. All of this will occur if we let God into our hearts and minds.

What Do You Do When You Fail?

We will fail in our lives. We will fall short of whom we are called to be. We are human and will sin. What do we do then? We seek forgiveness. We seek to be in the Presence of our loving God who never fails to want us. Failure is not final. We need to rise and rise again. Jesus will guide us and strengthen our efforts. Never give up. Our Triune God never gives up on us and will always seek our return.