Mystics seek detachment from their selfish needs

Mystics are known for their ability to detach from their own needs so as to focus on their actions of love toward other people and the natural world.  Love is the outcome and focus of mystics.  But, in order to love more completely, they seek to detach themselves from their wants and needs.  If they are constantly serving themselves, how could they fully  love “the other”?  They couldn’t!  The great mystics of the world are known for just how profoundly they sacrifice their own needs – and even wellbeing – in order to be fully present and engaged in their specific mission to love others.  Mystics are not only present in this moment and love in this moment.  They most be oriented to grow greater in their love and more committed to outcomes reflecting such ever greater love.  To do so, they must detach from their endless self needs.

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