Do You Desire To Be With God?

Desire is a strong emotion. Do we feel it toward God? Do we long to be with Jesus? Jesus holds the key to our salvation. He can guide us and love us daily. His human life can be a testimony to how we can live. Desiring to spend time with Him is an emotion worth pursuing. Reflect back on how He has loved you. Remember the times you have spent with Him. Go deep into your prayer life with Him. Jesus longs to be with you each day. Let Him into your life each day frequently. It is the love that will sustain you in good and difficult times.

One thought on “Do You Desire To Be With God?”

  1. Again, these feelings may happen more often-and to more people-than you may think. For what is the mystical life, writes Ruth Burrows in Exaltation. Here you feel lifted up, or likewise, a sense of exaltation or happiness. Different from longing to know what it s all about, you feel that you are very close to, or are about to meet, the object of your desire. You may even feel the warmth of being near God, though you may be reluctant or embarrassed to define it as such.

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