Do We See Him?

Do we see the presence of Jesus Christ in our lives daily?  If not, how can we become aware of the very real presence of our Lord each and every day?  These are vital questions to ask ourselves each day – and often time – throughout our days.  For without our being intentional about our spiritual connection to Christ, we will miss so much of the grace and love of our lives.  We all do.  And, in my experience, it is because I am not keenly aware of the presence of Christ with me at each moment.  For me, the key is to place times of Centering Prayer in my day.  When I am silent and focused on being open, my soul can notice the very real presence of Christ in the world around me and in my very being.  But, it does take effort – and awareness.  No easy task in today’s hyper-fast world filled with countless distractions.  What works in your life that allows you to see Jesus Christ?

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