Christmas Season Offers Reflection

Christmas can be very stressful.  Preparing for Christmas now comes with so many requirements that we can fail to slow down and reflect on what Jesus means to us and what Christmas is all about.  After Christmas, when the shopping and event preparation are completed, can be that time to slow down and “drink in” what Christmas means for us.  It means Christ is with us!  It means we can rest in His Hope and Love.  It means we can rest in His Presence.  Don’t let Christmas be just one day a year.  Let it be each day of your year.  God with Us – Christmas – is a message we need to carry our entire life and each day of our life.  What does Christmas and Christ mean to you?  Can you now slow down and be present to Him?  Don’t miss the Christmas Season which can – and should – bring its own blessings.

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