Celebrating the Holy Trinity

Today is Holy Trinity Sunday.  It is a day where we remember, honor and celebrate the Holy Trinity.  However, it’s not one that usually draws much attention outside of the Mass and the Church calendar.  Why is that?  In my opinion, it is because it is a concept that befuddles and confuses us.  Three in One God?  How does that even happen?  So, we often quietly acknowledge it – and move on to other things.  But, should we?  I don’t think so!

Recently, I have learned of how the Holy Trinity can best be understood – and lived – as a verb rather than a noun.  If our Triune Lord is an action – or a relationship of love – than it not only is it more easily understood – it can change our lives.  Our Triune Lord lives is a loving relationship between the Creator, Son, and Spirit.  A sort of Divine Dance, as Fr. Richard Rohr would say.  This relationship even invites us to join the loving dance – one that gives life and joy and hope!  Our Triune Lord invites us into a Divine Dance with all that is and ever was and ever will be!  Wow!  Now that is a concept – The Holy Trinity – worth celebrating!

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