Is Your Heart Heavy?

We can have heavy hearts. Life gives us many challenges. Our sins may weight us down. We may be afraid or angry. All of these conditions may give us hearts heavy. Lighten your load through prayer, reconciliation, and changing your ways. Start with heartfelt prayer. Go to Jesus and seek His loving acceptance and forgiveness first. Spend time letting Him mend your heart. Then, in joy, lift your voice of praise and thanksgiving to God. Take your time in giving your heart what it needs most – the Presence of Jesus.

What Is Holding You Back?

We can be held back by our fears and lack of confidence. This is why Jesus came to save us. God holds nothing back – even His very Son. Likewise, for our own happiness, we can hold nothing back. We must give our all to Him in prayer, love and service. Be content with His Presence each day. Give yourself freely to His Way.

Are We Drawn To Jesus?

Jesus draws us to Himself. Do we feel the attraction? We are pursued by Jesus Christ. He pursues all souls and wishes us to abide in Him each day. We do well to be open to this attraction and seeking by Jesus. This seeking of us by Jesus is so appealing to us if we will only let ourselves acknowledge and feel it.

Do You Want To Imitate Jesus?

First, we must desire to imitate Jesus. His life should become our life. His way should become our way. His love of prayer will need to be our love of prayer. Jesus was with Abba in prayer and in deed. To imitate Jesus is to truly be Christian. We will miss our calling if we miss out on a desire to imitate Jesus. We cannot be God, but we can be His followers into a life of faith, hope and love.

What Is Your Aim?

Are you aiming to be with the one, transcendent God? Jesus calls us to Him. Jesus wants us to lend our hands and feet to His ways and His love. We will need to continue to clarify how we will live accordingly. It is our calling as mystics dedicated to Jesus and His Mission to the entire world. Pray for the courage and strength to live this way each day.

Bring Your Sorrows To Jesus

We have so many advocates in Heaven. The saints, including Mother Mary, are here for us when we need them. They give to us a family of heavenly friends to comfort and plead for us. Jesus knows sorrow more than any being ever. Go to Him with your sorrows and needs. He will answer. He will be present. Rejoice in this and bring it into your daily life.