Trust In The Security Of Jesus

The world will test you. Its ways are not always the ways of God. Jesus is our Savior always. He did not save us just once upon Calvary. He can save us daily. Trust in Jesus and His Way. Spend time with Him daily. Hold nothing back from Him. He wants all that you are and wants to embrace all of you. There is no more secure home for your heart, mind, and soul. Go their today. Be at home in His arms.

Be Quiet To Seek Jesus

We can only truly hear Jesus in our lives if we find silence. When we can be quiet and overcome the outer and our inner noise, we can hear and sense God. Our agendas and tasks can get in the way of the beautiful and wonderful experience of just being with Jesus. This relationship of just being with Jesus is certainly a form of powerful prayer. We can be loved, cherished, and fully alive in the silence with Jesus. Find your quiet space to experience this amazing feeling and place in your life.

Surrender To Find Your All

Jesus surrendered all out of love for us. God loves us this much. Do we love God in the same way? Can we place ourselves in adoration and joy at the feet of Jesus to listen and be loved? Love is action and adoration. It is both doing and being. However, it starts at just being. We can be grateful for just being loved by our Triune God. This is enough for this moment and prepares us to love others as God has loved us. Surrender to find victory. It is what Jesus did.

Cleave To Jesus

Hold on to Jesus in your life. To do so, we must find ways to focus on giving Him our undivided heart. The things and worries of this world can pull us away and distract us. Turn to Jesus. Let Him hold your heart and soul and heal you. Doing so will give you the courage you need to carry on in faith and with Grace.

Make More Room For Jesus

We can always find time to do the things that matter most to us. However, are they the things of God? Do we make the most room for those activities that show just how much we love Jesus and others? Are we willing to sacrifice for others and Jesus? It’s vital to evaluate the use of our time and to change our lives. Giving ourselves to Jesus completely is our glorious calling to New Life!

Do You Ponder Like Mary?

We are called to reflect upon our lives. Are they committed to Jesus and His Way? How can we love others? Is our life all that it can be in Christ? By pondering these questions and more, we seize the opportunity to grow in our love, peace and joy. We can miss the still, small voice of Jesus who calls us to be His hands, feet and voices in this often troubled world. Seek to hear it deep within your heart.