Blessed are those who hear and observe God’s word

In today’s Gospel reading from the Catholic Mass (Luke 11:27-28), we hear Jesus assuring us that we are blessed when we hear and observe God’s word.  I take great solace in knowing that His word will bring me blessing if only I will observe it.  But, what will that take?  It surely means I must hear and reflect upon God’s word.  I find this in Scripture from the lips of Jesus.  I find it in the prophets.  I find it in His universal church.  I find it in kind people of all faiths and walks of life.  God’s words are abundant – if only I will hear and observe them. I wished to be blessed by His Way.  It is there for me – and for all.  But, we must hear it first – then act upon it.  With God’s tender Grace we will most certainly do so.

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