How Do You Experience God?

We can all experience God in prayer and in observance of our blessings we receive daily. We must allow ourselves to experience this outpouring of love from our Triune God. Abba Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit wish to be with us throughout our day. We must let God in. Prayer can be nothing more than moments of silence and acceptance. We need not burden ourselves with worrying if our prayer is good enough. Our willingness to just pray is all God needs. We need only to be open to the Love that is offered.

Trinity Is Mystery

God as Trinity is a Mystery. And yet, it makes so much sense that God is relationship. God wants a relationship with all. God loves all that God has created. Abba, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are loving relationship. Our efforts must be to create loving relationships with others which is sometimes very difficult. May we call upon our Triune God to guide us in this effort.

Love As God Loves

God loves us unconditionally- and has since the beginning. This kind of love is unique. Unconditional love does not require reciprocal love from the other. It is pure love. We are loved purely by God without taking into account on how we will respond. What a Grace this is! When we love this way, especially those who will return our love with hate, we love as God loves. This is hard – but is the measure of Christian love. This is why we honor the martyrs. They loved even when killed by those they still loved. Seek to love as God loves us.

How Do We Contend With Suffering?

Suffering is a part of life. We cannot escape it. However, how we suffer and are present to those who are suffering does matter greatly. As Christians, we must pray for strength and compassion. We must live joyfully despite suffering and look to find ways to lessen suffering and lift others up. It is easy to descend into hurt and self-pity which does not lift up life and encourage gratitude despite the pain. Live life with gratitude and joy despite the suffering all around us. It is how they know we are friends of Jesus Christ.

God’s Wisdom

God’s wisdom surpasses all human understanding. Why then do we not trust God more? Would God not want us to be with Him? We must let go of our human pride and embrace the humility of God’s way. Serving others and praising God is our calling. We must find ways to embrace the Wisdom of God.

Notice God Is Everywhere

Are you open to experiencing God in all people and things? Nature holds such awe-inspiring beauty. Do we notice it? It is of God. People are all around us. Do we notice God within them? We must. With God the creator of all, why do we miss God? Jesus came to tell us and show us this ever-present God. Taking the time to recognize, praise and petition the Grace of God is our role in this mystical life we are given.

The Power Of Christian Love

The love of Jesus Christ has such power to transform our lives and the lives of the world. The love of the Incarnation and the Resurrection give life to all. When we love with the depth of these two loves of Jesus, we change lives – first our own and than the other we interact with. Give others the amazing Presence of Jesus through your loving ways.