Pray For Our Reconciliation

Pray that Christians are reconciled in our love of God and neighbor. Let our unity of action in love be our way of bringing others to Jesus Christ. We also must lift our prayers for those who have departed from the Church. May they too find Jesus Christ. Jesus did not want to lose any of the sheep He has been entrusted with. Let our actions bring those who are lost and rejected into the fold of love.

Church Is Where Our Friends In Christ Are

Where can you find friends in Christ? Our Catholic Church is universal and available to all. We can find those attempting, imperfectly, to live the Gospel call of Jesus in our parishes. The world needs to know we welcome all those who are lost and struggling. We need to use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to heal and love all. Be a friend – and find a friend – within your local parish

Pray To The Holy Spirit As Well

You many often pray to Jesus or Abba Father. But, do you pray to the Spirit who is one within the Trinity with Jesus and Abba Father? Pray daily to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit and to be strengthened each moment. It’s the Spirit that will guide, advocate, teach, and empower you daily. The Spirit resides within you now. Allow it to change and comfort you moment by moment!

Don’t Settle

What things in your life are you tempted to settle for instead of pursuing Christ? Is it money, praise of others, recreation, or some other less worthy outcome then to be with Christ? Let nothing stop you from pursuing to live in a way that gives you Christ! Many good things in life can be yours as long as they are used in the pursuit of loving others and Christ. When these God-created attractions become your destination, you will lose out on the grandest prize of all – Christ!

Jesus Is Our Friend

We can be ever so close to Jesus. Our relationship should not be distant or formal. He is our eternal friend! His love is everlasting and we can draw close to Him daily. Let not our lives drift from His love which is ours each moment. As a friend, share all your pain and sorrow with Him. You must not let yourself fall away. Go to Him. His embrace is always yours!

Respond To Your Call

Are we responding to our call to become a child of God? We are offered this amazing opportunity. Accepting the love of God is the first step. Then, we can live and love our way into being a true child of God. The call is to see we are made and sustained by God. We are truly God’s children! However, do we act as God’s children in how we treat others? Do give of ourselves? Do we live joyfully? What will be your response to God’s call today?

Rise With Jesus

Christ created a new life within us now. What do you need to do to be a “new creation”? What is holding you back? What views, habits and approaches must change to be a new you now? Yes, at the end of time, you will be a completely new you free of the constraints of this often hurtful world. Why wait? Begin this transformation now to your new you! Live in Christ now!

Lifted By Christ

What parts of your life do you want – no need – to be lift to Jesus Christ? We can be resurrected by Jesus! No need to wait until our death to dedicate all of our being to being resurrected. Jesus offers it to us today! What do yo want resurrected in your life? Speak to Jesus about these parts of your life. Let Him guide you toward your small resurrections beginning today.