Are You a Mystic?

Recently, a good friend referred to me as a mystic. It stopped me in my tracks.  Was I?  What made him think so? And, then it dawned on me, this was want I actually wanted to be – a catholic mystic.  I started this blog site to encourage catholic mysticism.  I had come to agree with Karl Rahner who believed the church would only contain mystics in the future.  Dogma and doctrines – and even family tradition – would no longer be enough to draw people to be practicing Catholics.  It would take mysticism. So, yes, I do hope to be a catholic mystic.  I hope to be seen as one with an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ and drawn to live and worship with other Catholic Christians.  I wish to be a part of a movement to deeper relationships with others who are Christian – and those who are not – as we live lives of loving service to others.  And in doing so, I hope to find great joy and needed strength to live a life worthy of my calling and devotion to Jesus Christ.

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