Will You Keep The Truth?

What does telling the Truth of Jesus Christ mean to you? Is it worth the price of martyrs? Jesus bled and died for our souls. Can we offer our lives to Him? All is His!! The Truth is worth all that is ours to give!! When we lie and turn from Jesus we are betraying our beliefs and our life’s commitment. Joy awaits those who follow the Way of Jesus Christ!

Learn More About Your Faith

Your faith is your guide to life. Learn as much as you can so you can grow in Grace. Jesus is our path and our faith is the Way we travel on it. Respect and be open to all people of good will. Grow in your faith so you can be an example of Christ’s Love daily. Then, as you grow, you will hear God’s Will for you daily. Our journey is not over. Walk bravely with humilty.

Faith Of Mary Magdalene

Let us have the courage to be like Mary Magdalene! She stayed with Jesus during his Crucifixion and was the first to see Him Resurrected! Her love was so deep that through all of the ups and downs of her time with Jesus she never lost faith in Him. We too must walk with the Lord during our life, and its changes, that both stun us and inspire us! Let our faith reflect this brave women Mary!