Ask For Pardon And Healing

Do not make excuses for your sins. Instead, ask Jesus for His pardon and healing. It is yours for the asking! Do not delay. He wants you back in His arms and wants to walk with you again. Run back to Jesus from your sins – do not wait! Greats love awaits you! We are so blessed to have a God so interested in our wellbeing. Let’s us praise God and the love offered us each moment of our lives!

Vices Corrupt Our Good

We are naturally good and come from God. When we look at our own vices can we see how to turn to good? Pray for the Grace to turn back to God and what is good. Stay true to the good that God gives us. All the Creator creates is for our good. In all of our days, let us seek to be good as God has given us. With the help of Jesus, we can turn from all vices. He will guide us and save us daily!

Secure Peace In Heaven

Give your efforts to securing peace first and foremost for your soul in Heaven. This is lasting! Whenever possible, secure peace on earth as well. But, do so with a eye towards justice for all. Earthly peace and goods are fleeting wile Heavenly peace is forever! Choose wisely in all your efforts!

Evil And Christian Virtue?

Why does God allow evil in the world? We strengthened our Christian virtue when we stand against what is wrong. Our examples are for others to see and for those who are living in hurtful ways to have to answer to others. We become strengthened. Those who choose evil are challenged and often judged by others. They too can repent. Good can come from evil. We must do our part in living in faith, hope, and especially love!

Faith Is Starting Point For Reason

Go deep into understanding life and all its glorious dimensions. However, start from your faith in Jesus Christ. Our reason is a God-given ability. But, faith starts with an understand coming from belief. Our God is Creator. Some things are beyond our deep understanding and we must start with belief. When doing so, we can now use our reason to proceed a kind, caring, and loving manner.

Afraid Of Death?

Do we stand in faith despite our fear of death? We can learn so much about life when we turn to God and give Him power over our lives! Death does not have the final say! Jesus overcame death and shows us the power of belief and faith in Him! Let us go forth today in faith, hope, and love knowing we too will overcome death with Jesus!