Seek The Supernatural In Jesus

Many spiritual seekers will turn to approaches that can lead them away from Jesus Christ. This can end in the deep belief in things like horoscopes, tarot cards, séances, or fortune tellers. Only our Triune God can provide us a path to the true depth of the supernatural. God is the Truth, the Way, and the Life. We can find our real joy, peace and hope in Jesus Christ. Do not let yourself be captivated by ways that are not true to your faith.

Vanity And Personal Honor

Do you ever get overly concerned with your honor? Are you all to ready to insist someone has insulted you? Vanity and a lack of true humility may stand in the way of your ongoing spiritual development. Think of Jesus who was not quick to condemn even when He was falsely accused, tortured, and killed on the Cross! Follow Jesus and let your hurts – perceived or real – go and love again. We can endure and love much when we follow Jesus!

Take The Humble Approach

Jesus Christ set an example of a humble approach for us all. He came into this world poor, lived a humble life, preached the Gospel to outcasts, and died a humiliating death as a criminal on a cross. Being humble is what Christians are shown and called to live. Take on the humility of Christ. Use it to live a well-lived life of service to others. Love deeply with joy. This all flows from humility.

Humbly Seek God’s Assistance

Do you know that you need God’s assistance each moment of each day? Are you humble enough to admit that God’s relentless love is necessary for your very existence? Your life will have endless joy and peace if you know that you need – and want – the tender presence of Jesus each moment of each day! With His Presence, you will be know His Will and live accordingly. Your love of Him will only grow. In this deep place of Grace, you will find all you will ever need.