Curiosity For Sin

Do we spend time curious about the sin and scandal of others? Does evil intrigue us and draw us in? If we give ourselves to pursing these types of stories and media on the internet or in-person, are we heading toward sin? Sin can capture our imagination and lead us to wasting our time and, even worse, into sin itself. Guard your eyes, minds and hearts from sinful ways in all their forms! Stay true to Jesus Christ and His Ways!

Break Attachments To Sin

Are there particular sins in your life that still attract you? Even though you avoid them, they linger in your mind and you wish you could indulge in them. Seek to banish this lingering attachment to them. Their attraction still holds you close to them. See their true ugliness and break them from their hold on you. Free your mind, heart, and soul from these ugly attachments that can drag you back into sinful ways. Give your will to Jesus Christ and break attachments to sin.

How Do We Repent Of Our Sins?

We must turn back to God when we sin. But how do we do this? According to St. John Chrysostom, in Second Homily on the Power of Man to Resist the Devil, we can look to Scripture to learn how to turn around and find our Lord Jesus who is pursuing us. Five ways bring us back to Jesus. First, we can confess our sins and renouncing them. Next, we can also forgive others for their sins. Third, we can pray fervently for forgiveness. Fourth, we can give alms to help our brothers and sisters in need. Finally, we can practice humility and acknowledge we are sinners like all around us. Joy, peace, justice and hope are to be found in God. Run back to God immediately once you have sinned. Do not miss a moment of His Grace!!

Get Back Up!

Don’t let your sins cause you despair. When you stumble morally, return to Jesus Christ. He will bring you close to Him. Our souls can always be redeemed. Never let yourself sink so low as to surrender to the Evil One. God is always so much greater. Run to Him and let God wrap you in His Love!

Repent Now!

Do not wait when your conscience informs you to change your actions! St. Augustine regretted not changing sooner. He knew Christ called him to change his life but he waited. He wrote about the need to turn our lives to the Gospel and stay committed to it. Our old habits that lead us to sin can delay our return to righteousness, justice, and love. Do not delay – joy awaits you!

Nothing Is Beyond God

All is possible for our Loving God! No sin is to great for us to be redeemed. However, we must desire it to be so. We have the gift of free will. Let us use it to change the very direction of our lives! When we trust in our abilities to change great sins, it is impossible to do so on our own. We must turn to Jesus Christ to redeem us. He taught us how and showed us His extreme love. The Holy Spirit guides us daily if we only will accept this incredible gift. Nothing shall ever be beyond our God to accomplish!

Acknowledge Your Temptations

Are you being assaulted by temptations? Identify them as such so you can resist them. If you resist them, you are following Jesus Christ’s example in the dessert. We don’t sin when we face the temptations. Only if we consent to sin do we go astray. Stay grounded in Christ! Flee to Him and ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Battle for your soul with the help of God! This holy fight is worth the effort. Presence with Jesus is certainly worth all the difficulties we face with sin.

False Promises

The enemy of our souls will tempt us with false promises. Only Jesus Christ can fulfill all of our hopes and dreams. Let the true promises of God lift us. We do this when we obey Him. The evil one is created like us, but is now a fallen angel who despises God. However, the evil one is unlike us for we long for our souls to rest in God. It’s our destiny to be with our Triune Lord and the heavenly hosts after this lifetime. Keep your eye on the prize – eternal life with all that is Love!