Unhappy Without God

Do you ever wish you could have life without serving God? Captured by your own desires, a life without God would be filled with sin. Consider the ways you would be unhappy without Our Triune God. Joy and peace would be certainly unattainable. True happiness can only be found when our souls rest in God. Let Jesus lead you daily!

With Grace Do Good Works

God’s Grace saves us. We participate in our salvation when we do good works. Let’s us respond to the Grace of God daily! Let it lift our hearts and inform our minds so that our hands and feet do the work that God most wants in our lives. Grace and effort go hand-in-hand. We should give our very lives in response to such Grace!

Will What God Wants

In the Our Father, we ask for the the Father’s Will to be done. Is this what we want? In our lives, we seek to live according to God’s Will for us and all of creation. We must not lose sight of this. Seek to know the Will of God. Let every decision and effort be guided by His Will. Jesus Christ showed us how to live and love. This example from our Savior helps guide our every action. His Holy Church offers us guidance and prayerful support. The Saints and Mystics show us how we might also live in our own unique way. It all starts with knowing and seeking God’s Will.

Let Truth Transform You

We try to hide from the truth. All want to be happy, but we can hide from the truth of Jesus. We would rather be right than to let ourselves hear what truth Jesus has for us. We must turn to Jesus Christ in prayer and ask to hear His truth in our lives. This truth of His is transformative. Open you heart and mind to be changed forever by Jesus Christ!

Jesus Hates Sin

Our loving Jesus Christ hates sin because it separates us from Him. Our Triune God desires to have us in a state of Grace. We do this when we hate sin as much as He hates it. He was wiling to be born, live, lead, and teach us before He died an agonizing death on the Cross. Let’s us hate sin as much as Jesus does.

Our Vocation Is Love!

There are many roles in the Church. In our lives, we may have many different jobs. We have only one true vocation in Jesus Christ. This vocation for all is love. Love is what we are called to be in all our work on this earth. In all we do, love is the way others will know we our rooted in Christ and His Way. Let our one and only vocation be love each day of our lives!

Do You Have Trouble Loving?

St. Paul in Corinthians reminds us what true love is. It is patient and kind. It is neither jealous, boastful, arrogant, or rude. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. Can we love like this? This is the love of Jesus Christ. Pray to Jesus for the Holy Spirit so you can love this way all who are in your life!

Christ Is Our Life

As mystical Catholics, Jesus Christ lives in us. We invite Christ into our very beings so He can direct our very lives. He lives in us! Our faith is not simply beliefs, moral rules, and spiritual activities. It is so much more when we let Christ live through us! Give yourself completely to Jesus Christ and live anew!