How Often Do You Receive The Eucharist?

Do we take part in the Eucharist weekly? Is there an opportunity to receive more frequently? Such blessings come to those who receive Holy Communion! His Body and Blood are true gifts that allow God to be received into us and to stay with us in Grace. Let us not fall away from the Mass and the Eucharist! This Blessing is for us – and we should hurry to receive it frequently!

Gifts From Holy Communion

What gifts have you received from Holy Communion? We receive the sweet Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. It cleans our souls. It empowers our lives. It allows Jesus to enter our very being in a special way. Count the ways that God has strengthened you. Let your anticipation and preparation help you fully receive Him. What a special gift!!

Christ Want’s To Be United With Us

Holy Communion is Jesus Christ’s Way of uniting with us. He gives us His Flesh so we may become one with Him! Let us become both worthy and hungry for this kind of union with the Divine! I long to feel His loving embrace! I want to become His Fire of Love for the world! I humbly seek to change me to be more like Him. This is my prayer before receiving the Eucharist. Is it yours as well?

Be Prepared For Christ

Holy Communion is a visit from Jesus Christ into our one home – our bodies and souls. We should be prepared like we would be for a visit of important dignitary. There is no being more loving and giving. Jesus Christ is our Savior and King! Let us prepare for Him before we receive the Eucharist cleaning our souls through a review of our lives and repentance for our sins. Let us receive Him with great joy!

Let Us Examine Our Conscience

The Blessed Sacrament is such a Gift! However, we need to examine our conscience before going to Communion. We need to seek God’s forgiveness. In doing so, we may not be fully aware of all of our sins. But, if we seek to repent with a humble heart, God will remove all of our sins. They will be washed clean through the great love of God! The Sacrament of Reconciliation is another great gift we should take full advantage of. Receiving the Eucharist is a gift Jesus wants us to have. Let’s us partake in it frequently!

Strive To Be Worthy

When we receive Communion with Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, we are receiving God Himself! Let’s be worthy of this awesome gift!! We need to avoid sin and seek repentance when we do. Let us put on holiness to receive the Holy of Holies! Although we are never completely deserving, Jesus calls us forward to receive His Body and Blood. With humility in our hearts, let’s receive Him joyously!!