Reflect On Your Death

The end will come to all of us. At that moment, what will your soul do? If you have invested your time and resources wisely, it will leave all of this world and go to Heaven taking nothing but it’s experiences with it. No material gain will follow. No achievements, but those of love will matter. We will leave all of our friends and family – for now. They too will later join us in the next life. As you think about this moment of your death, who do you want to be? Start today in creating this person!

Are You Prepared?

Do you dismiss preparing for your end in this world? Although each of us could pass from this life this very day, we tend to put off even thinking about this very truth. Jesus, the Saints, and the prophets remind us to be prepared in this life for what comes next. We must learn to live with faith, hope and love daily knowing it may be our last day. Prepare your soul for its final resting place. Seek to be guided by the Holy Spirit each moment. Surrender to the gentle voice of God calling you to live your life ready to join Him in Heaven!

We Are Fragile

Knowing we are fragile is important for our souls. We need the constant breath of God to be alive. Soon this will all pass away with our death. We need God daily and long to be in His Presence in Heaven. When we are weak but strong in Christ we are prepared for what comes this day. Living each day as if it may be our last will let us prepare daily for our final destination. Let our fragile lives be testimonies of deep faith, hope, and love in Christ!

Death Is Coming Are You Ready?

We all know individuals who have died suddenly. This too could be our fate. Are our souls ready? Are we living each day as if it could be our last? When we live in Christ, we stand ready for our final judgement. Let’s us live in faith, hope and love ready for our final calling home to be with God. Let the Holy Spirit guide us in every action so we live with Grace in joy! The reality of death can help us see just how precious our lives really are. Don’t miss this moment!

Blessings That Last Forever

Seek to live for the blessings that last into eternity. Although we do not always understand why some evil seems to prosper reaping worldly rewards of wealth, power, and status, we must stay rooted in our faith. In God’s time, all is revealed. Fleeting rewards of this world do not transition into the next. We must seek to do what is faithful to Jesus and His Ways. When we seek the blessings that come from a good life, remember some of them are likely delayed until the next.

Consolation In Our Loss

When we lose someone we love in this life, we can feel so low and sad. If it is sudden or if we lose someone both young and dear to us, it can be crushing. Let us remember that they go ahead of us to the final place of our resting. Heaven is a better place for all of us and one in which we all long for eventually. Christ’s Resurrection assures us who are faithful a final and wonderful home for eternity. Stay true to your faith. Know that it is only a little while until you are reunited with them. Find joy in knowing they have won the race and found Jesus in His Glory with the entire community of heavenly hosts! Rejoice even in your sadness!

All Things Are Passing Away

Don’t take for granted all those around you as if we will all live in this world forever. None of us will do so. We must spend our days knowing they are passing away. All things will return to dust. This can help us notice the little things around us and the people that we come into contact daily. Rejoice in the passing moment and its small wonders! Give praise daily even as it is passing away. Live in this moment fully!

Attach Your Life To What Lasts

All passes away in this life. What awaits is our next life. Eternity will be one of joy or sorrow. In this life we choose how we will live in the next. Jesus Christ has made it clear on how we will be judged – by our own behavior. Love in this life and you will love in the next life. Hate in this life and you will hate in the next. Our time here on earth is limited while the next is unlimited. Let us choose wisely how to life in this life.

Marian Devotions

When we pray through Mary to Jesus, how do we go about our efforts? Do we seek to be like Mary in our willingness to sacrifice for others? Do we wish to transform ourselves to become more devoted to Jesus and His Way? Praying the Rosary can be a powerful way to transform our lives if we let the mysteries and the devotion continue to transform our hearts and minds. We have a heavenly destination. Let’s prepare for it by finding and developing the faith, hope, and love needed for successful arrival.