Jesus Gives You Peace

Darkness has been defeated! Jesus’ death and Resurrection give us all new life! It is the grandest and most consequential rescue of all times! Do you feel its impact on your soul? Does it change your life? It could, and should, alter all that we are. Like our brothers and sisters, we are to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. If we do, we will have the Peace that only Jesus can provide. Seek the Prince of Peace in your prayer and in how you live your life. You will have the Peace you desire!

God Restores Me

In the Savior we are redeemed! This restoration of our lives is on-going. We praise the Creator for giving us our lives. Our Redeemer saved us from our sins and does so this day and every day! Let us never forget how marvelous is this fact and live in this redeemed self daily!

Be Renewed

How are you renewed in Jesus Christ? Spiritual renewal is essential for a life of meaning, service and joy! Our souls are what lasts and often they are weighed down in sin and sorrow. We can find rest in Jesus if we will only acknowledge we need it. And, we know we do. The Church offers us many tools to help us find spiritual renewal. Prayer, fasting, the Bible, service, Reconciliation, and the Eucharist. Use them all frequently. Find the rest in Christ your soul sorely needs.

Happiness In God Alone

You will find in your life that nothing will fully satisfy you except Our Lord. We all discover this sooner or later. Everything but God and our souls will pass away. Becoming attached to what is of this world is passing. Let your attachments fade – except those which draw you closer to Jesus. In Him, you will find all you need. Willing move toward His Presence daily!

Serve Others With The Help Of Jesus

The calling to love and serve others is from Jesus Christ. If we do so while in communion with God, this burden becomes light. Jesus said that we are to follow Him. He said, “my yoke is easy and my burden is light”. Turn to Jesus daily asking Him for His Presence as you serve others. The tasks themselves will not change, but you will receive the strength and courage needed if they are done in His Way and truly help others.

Prayer As Our Life

Prayer gives us a window in which we can be with God. Prayers of adoration, thanksgiving, confession, petition, reflection, meditation, and quiet allow us to be with God in ways that change us. Prayer is about becoming more like God and not for changing God into how we want. It’s about preparing ourselves to be with God eternally and helping others also find their way. Service and sacrifice is the Way of Jesus. He too prayed and it sustained in His mission, ministry, and relationships with others. Let life be one of prayer and not just something you sometimes do.

Rest In Jesus Christ

Are you ever restless? Only One can calm your sense of restlessness and it is Jesus! Great saints and ordinary sinners have come to know this great truth. In our toughest turmoil, Jesus is with us. Every storm and every beautiful moment contains Him. You may wonder far and wide, but none will satisfy like His Love. Take assurance and comfort in knowing you can always find your greatest joy and deepest connection with Jesus. Rejoice in this Truth!

The World’s Pleasures Lose Their Attraction

Have you noticed how the attractions of this world lose their appeal? Only God can fully satisfy. I see this in my life as I chase worldly pleasures – even those good for me. I find my self empty and needing to return to God. My prayer time is the only attraction that does not lose its appeal. Distractions and attractions will persist. However, go to God who is the One who can fully satisfy your soul!

Holy Desire

This life is a mystery where we are encourage to pursue our Holy desire. Do we desire to be with God forever? Can we expand our souls to prepare to to contain the Eternal and Infinite God that pursues us? With Jesus, we can seek our Holy desire. With the community of believers, saints and sinners we feel compelled to experience this Triune God of ours. Pour out anything from your life that gets in the way of this Holy pursuit! Cleanse your life of what is not good for you. Prepare to receive your Holy desire! Even small of glimpses of it will help you maintain, and even increase, your Holy desire!