Eager To Learn

Are you eager to learn about Jesus Christ? Do you seek to read spiritual materials and ponder the theology of Jesus, God, and the Church? Learning and being open to change is crucial to a life in Jesus Christ. None of us can know all there is to know about God. God is mystery – and we get to spend an eternity learning and loving! Start today -and it will pay great dividends in this life – and the next!

The Church Informs Us

Walking our journey alone as a mystic would be lonely without the presence of others. The Church with its guides and follow companions is important to our success. It is a place for community, love, and forgiveness. The most beautiful way to learn to love is to learn it from others who also love Jesus. Be committed to a lifetime of learning and God’s Grace!

Faith Is Your Foundation

Let faith in Jesus Christ be your foundation upon which you build each day. It changes our lives if we let our faith guide us in our daily actions. Moment upon moment we can let our faith lead us to actions that bring us to a life full of love. We can commit to this incremental and powerful way to let faith be our solid life foundation.

Reason Guided By Faith

Faith and reason must be used wisely together. Faith is the foundation upon which all our lives must be built. However, God also gave us reason to better understand Him and to better serve Him faithfully. Use your reason to bolster your faith. Read and reflect on Scripture. Seek guidance and assistance from others of faith. Listen to the Church and its insights. Be a complete mystic using your faith and reason together for the greater glory and service of Jesus Christ!

Praise God For All God Is!

Can we even begin to describe all that Our Lord Is? We can start, but it would never end! Our God has attributes of never ending love, devotion, kindness, and greatness. And yet, no matter how we describe God, it is never complete. God will go on, and on, and on. Let us praise God today! Let it lift our spirit and comfort our souls!

Find Your Examples For Life

Where will you look as an example for your life? Why not turn to the Saints of the Church? A painter will use a model to create a work of art. Your life can also be a work of art. Why not model your actions on the actions of the Saints? You and I can find great examples of how to live! We can learn so much from those who followed Jesus faithfully. Go deep into the people who loved Jesus deeply!

Prayer Changes Everything

Let your prayer change everything within you. Prayer is powerful if we let God change us through it. God certainly hears our prayers. Life is altered when we pray. Jesus resides within us and we access His Grace through prayer. The Holy Spirit works within us as we pray. Our actions will reflect our inner being. Let your inner being be transformed through prayer!

Will You Surrender All?

Surrender is usually not something we want to do. However, surrendering our all to Jesus may be exactly what we want to do! Jesus Christ loves us completely wanting what is best for us. If we were to give our all to Him, what might our life become? Could we become more loving, kind, and joyful? Would we be happier and more filled with His Grace? Consider what your life may be if you surrender your all to His All.

Sacrifice Your Life

Martyrs give their lives for their belief in Jesus Christ and His Way. Are you prepared to do likewise? This does not mean you must literally die. It does mean committing ourselves to Jesus. It means living the way He has asked us to do so. Jesus Christ has shown us how to live. The Church guides us in our daily lives as well. When we commit to a Christian Life, we live a new life within our Baptism. This is a serious commitment that changes all that we do each day!