A Sinner Needing A Savior?

We are all sinners in some respect. Small or large our choices pull us away from Jesus. What sin or oversight is in your way? What could you change to move ever closer to Jesus? Lent is a time to acknowledge those ways that preclude us from being with our Savior and Friend. Let yourself acknowledge your sins. You are forgiven – if only you ask for it and repent. Turn around and walk, no better yet, run to Jesus! We all need His love. Why wait?

Humility And Charity

As Christians, we are called to deep humility and charity for others. This is how we show we are truly followers of Jesus. In our charity, we demonstrate just how loving of others we are. We give ourselves to others so they may know we love and cherish them as children of God. Our humble lives are reflections of being children of God ourselves. So much Grace is found in these two ways of being. Remain humble and give of yourself always to others – especially those in need!

Pray To Grow In Your Passion of Jesus

Do you pray for passion of Jesus? Do want to embrace all of Jesus – to include His Passion? It can scare us. It can repulse us. Suffering is not desired for it’s own sake. Instead, we embrace the love behind the Passion of Jesus. We embrace His forgiveness of others who hurt and killed Him. Our lives will bring our own suffering. When it does, offer it up to Jesus and all the other souls who have, are, and will suffer.

Prayer Helps The World’s Suffering

We can unite with the suffering world at the foot of the Cross. As Catholic Christians, we can, with the help of our Mother Mary, pray for all who suffer throughout our world. Doing so unites us to them and them to us. The Crucifix and the Resurrection unite us through pain to eternal life. All of the world is united in this path. The power of prayer is enormous. We can, and do, change the world though our faithful prayer!

The Holy Mystery Of Suffering

Jesus is known for His suffering. The way in which He suffered is an example of how we too must endure suffering. Can you hold your suffering like Jesus did without complaint and condemnation of others? Follow Jesus into prayer with suffering as He did at Gethsemane. Prayer and offering our sacrifice in abandonment is how Jesus did it. Embrace holy suffering without complaint or hurting others. This is a way in which we are purified.

Do You Desire Virtue?

Virtue is what we are called to pursue by Jesus Christ. Do we even want it? The first thing we must do is want it. Why should we want it? It brings us closer to Jesus and His Ways. Let yourself draw close to Jesus. He will tell you what virtue means in your life. Follow His lead. In your heart, you can find where He is calling you. Follow Him!

Do You Melt Into God?

When do you melt into Jesus Christ? Do you let your hardened heart melt into God when you pray, receive the Eucharist, or spend time with friends and family? God wishes to melt our hardened hearts. Love awaits us! God loves us so very much. All we must do is fall into the arms of God. Let down your guard and speak to God as our loving Father and Mother. A dear friend – and savior – awaits us daily. Let us run now to these outstretched arms!

The Joy Of The Cross

Will you embrace your cross today? What path must you undertake today that will bring you suffering, but will allow you to feel the joy of doing it for Jesus? What do others need of you today? How will it take all your strength to commit to it? Let Jesus instruct you on how to proceed? Let Him give you all the strength you need. Then, and only then, will you be able to pick up your cross and proceed. His Joy is your joy when he accompanies you today.

Listen Despite It Being Inconvenient

God is both listening and communicating to you in your life. Can you hear the message of Jesus Christ? Does your day contain moments where you pay attention to your life and God within it. Who is crying out to be heard? What are you being called to begin? Where is your life good? Where does it need to change? Listening is about hearing and then taking it to heart. This takes attention and discipline. Listen even when it is inconvenient to do so!