Jesus Is My Hope

I believe in the marvelous power and presence of Jesus Christ. In Him, I can endure all things. I can be greater than myself. I can find what I need to be in this moment in faith and hope. I have what I need now and for what will come. I cannot see the future, but I know Jesus will be with me always. He is my hope. Let Him be your hope as well.

Do Not Neglect Your Soul

We can easily be distracted. We can fall far from our calling of Grace. Your soul must be fed by prayer as your body needs to be fed by food. Neglect your soul and you will fall away from the good things of the Lord Jesus. So much good is offered those who maintain routines of prayer. Time alone with Jesus is well spent. Cherish your soul each day like your body and mind. Give it goodness and you will experience a life of faith, hope and love.

Experience God

God cannot be learned. God must be experienced. We learn to try to make sense of our experiences. Without our experience God in our lives, we would not need to nor care to learn about our Triune God. God is everywhere!! We are only trying to better understand God’s ways and how we are to commit our lives to Him. Go deep like the mystics and saints into your experiences with our Triune God. From this, you can build a beginning understanding of God. We will always be beginners in our learning. God is far to expansive for us to truly understand. However, we can experience God in our hearts, minds and souls each day. It is this type of understanding that is needed from us to be true followers of Jesus guided by the Holy Spirit in adoration of God the Creator.

Mary Is At Your Side When You Ask

Mother Mary who was at the side of Jesus during His life desires to be with you as well. Do you live your life with Mary at your side? You can – and should – ask Mary for counsel and comfort. She is your mother also! She loves you! She wants to show you to Jesus and His ways. She and Joseph raised Jesus and is mother to all. Do not go into your daily battles without your Mother Mary. She has graced my life so many times. She will yours as well.

Learn From Your Weakness And Fear

It’s hard to admit we are weak alone. With God, we have strength. It may not seem like enough, but is all we will need for this moment. When we surrender to our weakness and give our fear to Jesus, we are saved in that moment and delivered to faith, hope, and joy. Despite our pain and hurt, we can find peace and comfort. Why do we doubt? Why do we resist being weak in Jesus? Let you need to be in control go. It is a myth anyway. God is the only true strength. Run to Jesus.

Our Honor To Serve God

It is our honor to serve God. However, do we want to do so? It may be thankless at times. It may be more than we can handle. Do we do it anyway? We have so much to be thankful for – even on our worst day. Cling to Jesus. In serving others, we find Jesus. This great joy will remind us our chosen path. Never give up your friendship with Jesus!

Can You Simply Listen And Follow?

We are called to live simply with Jesus listenig to Him and following. This will take surrender and forgiveness. Too many times we can wander. We can let Him down and hurt others. When this happens, all we must do is ask for forgiveness. Love is always so close. It is us who must simply listen to Him. Then, we must turn and follow Him. Never wander far way from His Grace, Hope, and Love!

What Do You Want From Jesus?

To get what we want in life, it is beneficial to be clear. What do you want from Jesus? Can you tell Him? He will hear you because He already knows what your deepest desires are. Do you want His presence in your life? If so, ask Him and it will be granted to you. Do you want guidance in a challenging situation? He can provide it. Do you want to know how to serve others? Turn to Jesus in prayer. Let down your guard and be vulnerable. Jesus loves you so much and will use your life to come close to you. Do not be afraid to seek Jesus because He is seeking you.

Do You Belong to God?

If we belong to God, we can be at peace despite our situation in this moment. Challenges are experienced with Jesus near us and leading us. We call upon God who is closer to us than our own breath. We are always in God’s presence. We have only to claim this universal gift and promise. Dark days have light when Jesus is called upon. Let every breath speak of your desire to belong to Jesus. It will, and does, change every situation to one of Grace.