Do You See Jesus Christ In The Pain?

Life has plenty of pain and suffering. Can we find meaning despite the pain and hurt? Jesus did show that how we go through life and respond to our suffering matters greatly. We are purified when we live with love even though we are hurting. We need to turn to prayer and friends to help us travel through the inevitable pain of life. When we transform our pain with love we follow Christ’s example. We are called to transform pain and not transmit it to others. In doing so, we find our salvation in Jesus Christ.

Are You Rich In Jesus Christ?

We may consider ourselves poor. We may not have much materially. However, we are all rich in Jesus. He makes us rich in His Love and Mercy. We are the ones He loves and saves each day. He died on the Cross so we can be clothed in Grace and Forgiveness. He welcomes us warmly to His Holy Embrace. We must let that sink in. And, although we may be poor in so many ways, we are most certainly rich in Jesus Christ!

Accept Your Crosses

Jesus accepted His Crosses. He was sacrificing His entire life prior to the final Cross He carried and died upon. His crosses, like ours, are for us to bear with grace and hope. Life will certainly be filled with small and large sacrifices, pain and heartbreak. We can take comfort in the knowledge that Jesus too suffered these kinds of heartaches. He now walks with us through every trial and tribulation of ours. Embrace the love and kindness of your daily Savior.

The Incarnation Is Always – Not Just At Christmas

Marvel in the saving grace of God! Jesus was born as a human. We rejoice each day in the Incarnation. We are forever changed each day of of our lives. Sin and death have been defeated. Don’t just celebrate this on Christmas Day. It is an amazing event that continues to give me pause for awe and thanksgiving. Let’s us bend a knee in prayer. Let us lift our hands to heaven in praise. We are so blessed!

Make Room For Jesus Christ

Have we left room for Jesus to be in our lives? Or, is it too full of other priorities, sin, or neglect? Our hearts and minds can be full of so many ideas and distractions that we do not have the time nor energy to be fully present to Our Lord, Jesus Christ. We must make room through prayer, forgiveness and changes we make to how we live. Jesus is the greatest gift, friend and savior for all of us. Let us humbly seek Him with all of our being.

Do You Love Jesus Like The Saints?

We have so many examples of Saints who gave their all for Jesus Christ. Consider St. Augustine, St. Francis, St. Teresa of Avila, and so many more. Their love has become legendary. So can ours. We may not become famous, but we can love Jesus with all our being like they did. In fact, they can become our friends and advocates in Heaven. We can read about their lives and, in some cases, read their words to inspire us. Join the community of Saints in this lifetime to prepare your way for Eternal Life to come.

His Precious Blood Saves Us

Jesus gave His life for us. In the Eucharist, we receive His Blood and His Body so we may be washed clean of our sins. We take Him into our bodies so we may be one with Him. What a wonderful blessing for us to receive this gift for all of humanity! Let us believe this truth and walk in His ways. Let others see the joy of salvation in our lives. When we do so, we savor His most Holy Eucharist through our actions. When we fall, let us seek His forgiveness and receive Him once again. We are saved. Glory be to God!

How Do You Fall Short?

We all fall short of our calling to love Jesus Christ and serve others. Are we willing to examine how we do so and make amends? It is difficult to confront our shortcomings. It may even be more challenging to overcome them once we know them. This is where God’s love for us intervenes. Our Triune God wants us to be close and whole again. All we must do to begin the journey is ask for God’s gentle assistance. We can begin the journey of a knowing, assessing, and beginning the journey back home to Jesus whenever we like. Jesus will show us how we fall short and what we are to do about it. It begins with a prayer that we can do right now. Seek the Lord Jesus and you will find great joy!

Do You Let The Eucharist Change Your Life?

Holy Eucharist is the body and blood of Jesus Christ. It has the power to transform our very lives. When we receive it, we should do so with great reverence and joy! We should spend time reflecting on our lives and how we can love even more. Jesus calls us to love and serve others. His Way is a way of love, sacrifice and eternal hope. Let the Eucharist nourish your soul so that the work ahead is fruitful.

There Are Two Ways To Eternity – Which Will You Choose?

There are two places to spend eternity – Heaven and Hell. The road to Heaven is decidedly different than the one to Hell. But, make no mistake about it, the road you choose will determine where you end up. Choose a life a love, joy, hope, justice, and faith. Do not let pride and arrogance guide you on the road to the other place. Each moment we choose our destination. Choose wisely. Walk the road to Heaven with your Savior and Friend, Jesus Christ. You will never regret it!!