Bring Your Sorrows To Jesus

We have so many advocates in Heaven. The saints, including Mother Mary, are here for us when we need them. They give to us a family of heavenly friends to comfort and plead for us. Jesus knows sorrow more than any being ever. Go to Him with your sorrows and needs. He will answer. He will be present. Rejoice in this and bring it into your daily life.

Do You Realize You Are God’s Beloved?

We are the beloved of our God. Jesus came to live, teach us and die for us. So much love is felt for us by our Lord Jesus! As His beloved, we can run to Him daily. We can call on Him in our time of need. We do not need to earn this great Grace, it is always ours at any moment. Drink in the reality of being the beloved of Jesus. Live your life as the one loved by Jesus Christ.

Be Free

Are our hearts slaves to our idols? Or, do we give ourselves completely to Jesus Christ? We are to be His and His alone. Rest in His kind and loving ways. Give your entire being over to His gentle caring heart. When we are only His, we begin to feel the peace, hope and joy that only He can truly give.

It Can Be Hard To Love

We many find it hard to love some people. They may have hurt us or wronged us is some way. And yet, our God loves everyone. As Catholic Mystics, we must love like Jesus. Loving even those we find hard to love is how Jesus acted while here on earth. He forgave them even for killing Him unjustly. God loves us despite our sins. Jesus never turns His back on us. The Holy Spirit guides us daily to live as we are called. Even though it is hard to love some, we are called to live this way by Jesus Himself. Love even when it is hard to do so. Pray for the strength to do so. It will be given to you.

God Wants Intimate Love With Us

It is often so hard to believe that the God of the universe wants an intimate love with each one of us! Jesus, the greatest person to ever live and the Son of God, is not only our Savior but our intimate friend! We know these things as true – but do we live like we do? Do we pray with an intimacy that is desired from God? Too often, I do not. But, when I do it nourishes my soul and feeds my joy. Pray and come to God with an intent to be intimately in love.

Is Your Heart Open To Jesus?

God needs an open heart to enter. Jesus came into the world and many rejected His words and deeds. For us to receive Jesus, we must be ready and willing for Him. Some days, our hearts can be fearful, sad, uncertain or hurting. We may want to close in on ourselves. However, we must not allow this to occur. Silent, open prayer helps us ready our hearts for Jesus. Prayers of praise or thanksgiving reminds us of our blessings received from God. Petitions remind us of the power of God to heal and help. Never lose heart!