Mystics Discern By Staying Close To Jesus

You will need to discern between what is good and evil. But, you will need to go even further. To live in Christ, you will need to discern between good, better, and best. If you stay close to Jesus Christ in prayer and through reflection on Scripture, you will learn to discern with the mind of Jesus. Your parish community of friends will also help you live a life in Christ. Discernment is the hallmark of a well-lived life. It will bring you love, joy, and peace.

Do Your Reason and Will Conform to Christ?

Our reason and will are important parts of our lives and can help us to live our lives devoted to Jesus Christ. When we learn how Jesus lived and loved, we form our minds into genuine Christians. Our will can become Holy when we live in the Way of Jesus. Conforming our wills to the Will of God is our highest calling. We need our reason, minds and will to follow Jesus in this life and to be with Him in the afterlife. We can choose to be like Jesus Christ. Choose wisely.

Use Your Gifts Well

Our minds and souls are for God. They are gifts that we need to use faithfully to praise, love and serve God. When we stay close to Jesus, we provide the means of best using these great gifts of our mind and soul. Prayer, Scripture and serving others are great expressions of a mind and soul used well. Cherish your gifts by using them wisely and with great devotion.

Follow Your Soul To Jesus

We must let our souls lead us to Jesus daily. Our souls wish to be in His Presence each day and throughout the day. Finding times of quiet, like Jesus did in His life, allows us to be with Him. Short formal prayers at meals and other key times reminds us we are always near to Him. Our soul must lead us back to Jesus and allow Him to be at the center of all that we are in this life.

Cherish Your Temples

Our bodies are our temples for God. We must tend to them to keep them healthy and rested. Our spiritual life is build on our earthly temple of our bodies. It is a gift to us. We honor God when we take good care of it. We are wise to encourage others to also care for their bodies as they answer the call to spiritual life with Jesus Christ.