Don’t Let Distractions Keep You From Jesus

It may be difficult to enter in to God’s rest. Our world is filled with many distractions. Digital distraction can be constant and undermine our periods of meditation and prayer. Push away these temptations to remain committed to your routine times of prayer and reflection. Stay true to the Scriptures and weekly Mass. Your soul needs rest just like your body. Rest in Jesus.

What Keeps You From Living A Life With Jesus?

What keeps you from Jesus? What holds you back from embracing the Will of God? Looking at our lives and looking within our hearts can reveal what restrains us from giving our lives to faith, hope and love. Spend time with Jesus. He knows you better than you know yourself. Jesus is our Savior ready to free us from what holds us back from living a life of joy and service.

Seek Joy

Life can be devoid of joy if we let it. We must pursue joy by being close to and listening to Jesus in our lives. Giving others joy is the best way for us to feel joy. Seek joy through acts of love and hope.

Cling To Jesus

We are to cling to Jesus and not those things that can pull us away from the Kingdom. If we are too attached to our work, distractions, sex, leisure or a multitude of other items we can lose sight of our Lord Jesus. It is easy to do so. Return to Jesus in prayer and reflection order to nourish your soul.