Jesus Calls Us To Be Like Children

We are to be childlike in our prayer. Why would Jesus say this to adults? He said he wanted us to be open, playful and humble. Children thirst to listen, learn and be joyful. They believe in mystery and they have boundless energy. We too can be like this. Jesus encourages us to be like children. However, He does not ask us to be childish. Childish behaviors do not lend us to being loving, faithful and joyous.

Jesus Saves Us Daily!

Jesus saves me nearly daily. How? He rescues me from sin. He sits with me in silence when I am scared and alone. He guides me through His words in Scripture. I see how He lived in the Gospels. Jesus too was afraid and sad like in the Garden before His death. He too felt abandoned like right before He died on the Cross. Jesus saves us in so many ways!