Oct 20

Give Your Worries to Jesus in Prayer

Our lives are so much more than our work, food, clothes and other things in our life. We should not spend time in endless worry about them. Our lives are journeys involving relationships of love and devotion to others. Service, prayer, hope and joy are what we are called to experience. In these activities, we can walk with Jesus in love. Be aware of all those around you who long to be loved, inspired and cared for. Also, care for yourself by spending time with Jesus in prayer.

Oct 20

Keep Jesus As Your Most Important

Keeping my life in balance is critical to my wellbeing. Holding in place my all-out love for Jesus can help me keep the rest of my life in balance. When I fail to do this, it can easily become difficult to keep the tasks and worries of my world from overwhelming me. Loving Jesus always helps me moderate the other influences on my life.

Oct 20

When Ill, Remain With Jesus

Our physical health can greatly diminish our prayer and overall joy. It does for me. I must remain faithful in prayer. Patience, kindness, perseverance and hope are my desired way. I am now challenged by ill health. And yet, remaining close to Jesus is the key to my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Oct 20

Be An Everyday Mystic

As an everyday mystic, I seek to pray continually throughout my day. In all actions, words and thoughts, it is wise to keep Jesus in mind. What would Jesus do? This question can occupy my daily mind. It can help keep me close to the Way of Jesus and give my life Joy and Meaning.

Oct 20

Run to Jesus

COVID-19 has deeply hurt our community and the world. This pandemic is so painful and harmful. However, sin too can seize us and cause us great pain. It removes us from the Sacred Relationship with Jesus. My sin, our sin as a community, and the sin of the world all can keep us from the Joy of Jesus. I must work to be aware of sin - and to run back to Jesus who is my gentle, always accepting Savior and Friend!

Oct 20

Jesus Will Change Your Life

Jesus has changed my way of life. The Gospels, the Church, and the faith community have transformed my very life. In Jesus, I find my Savior, friend and confidante. Daily I walk with Jesus. I pray daily that I may always seek to walk in His Presence.

Oct 20

Our God is a God of Wonder!

Our lives are filled with the wonders of God. I marvel at nature and its beauty and diversity. The breath and depth of people on our planet is also amazing. I see the hand of God everywhere. My prayer at times is the simple word of Wow! God is so good to us each day!

Oct 20

Go to Jesus in Prayer

Call out to Jesus from the depths of your spirit. We can do this with a few words or some days it may take many. Jesus hears them all. He knows what is in the depths of your soul and what you truly need. Go throughout the day to be with Jesus in prayer.

Oct 20

Prayer is a Journey

We need to learn how to pray throughout our lives. Early in my life, prayers like the Our Father and the Hail Mary were my chosen prayers. I still pray these. However, I have added and now pray less words and do more silent listening. My twenty minutes of Centering Prayer each morning is where I take up a prayer word or phrase. It allows me to calm my mind and soul so it can receive the love of Jesus. Simpler and more reflective has become my chosen prayer form as I grow older. All prayer is wonderful. Choose what works for you now and continue to try new forms as you mature in your faith journey.

Oct 20

Turn Back to Jesus

God has forgiven all my sins. So many times I have turned away. Each time, Jesus welcomes me back. Sin is the turning away from my relationship with Jesus Christ. In returning, like the Prodigal Son, I am embraced and loved. God’s love is always exist for me even as I walk away in sin. Returning is my awareness that I have fallen away. I seek closeness with Jesus.