Find Your Rest in Jesus

Jesus brings me spiritual rest when I reside in Him quietly and intently. I cannot hear His quiet voice in my heart if I am too busy talking and thinking. Quieting my souls is key to spiritual rest. To let thoughts and feelings fade away so I can notice what Jesus Christ wants for me is key. Reading the Gospels is another way to find true spiritual rest. Find your rest in Jesus!

Family and Friends Help Us Find Jesus

My mother has been my spiritual guide and comforted me during my periods of loss and despair. My wonderful spouse has also cared for me in my times of need and when I was lost and needed directions to find the peace and joy of Jesus! My spiritual director and friends have helped me see Jesus even in the most bleak times! Alleluia for those who walk with us on the journey of faith!

Time with Jesus

Mine is a love story with Jesus! His very presence brings me calm. He wishes to hold me close in my despair. He brings me great Joy with His Very Presence. When I am in His Arms during meditation, I am lifted as if on a cloud. I seem weightless. I am truly satisfied and at home. It is such a wonderful set of moments. This is not always while in His Presence. But, when it is, it feels so glorious and all consuming. Even a few moments can be too much! This why it is only for a few moments so I do not desire the moments more than Jesus Himself. Jesus is my desire and my all!

Go and Be Silent with Jesus

Being drawn into the silence of prayer is a joyful experience. When our hearts long to be alone with Jesus Christ, we are to put aside our daily work and just be present with Jesus. This deep longing within us is always present, but we can miss it. We can also ignore it during our day when it calls to us gently. Go to the quiet when Jesus calls you. It is there, you will find the rest your soul desires and deserves.

Notice God’s Presence in Your Life

Being in God’s Presence is something we are always in. We cannot be without God’s Presence and still exist. However, we do not readily and frequently acknowledge and enjoy it. Jesus came to make our Joy complete! I must slow down and spend time noticing His Presence in my heart and in my life. I do this daily in Centering Prayer for twenty minutes and in daily reading and meditation of Scripture. These events frame my life now. As does, daily prayers at key times like meals and before bed. I must do even more to notice and enjoy God’s Presence in my life!

Our First Steps in Faith are Important

Our first steps into faith give us practice on our journey of deeper relationship with Jesus. As children we learn simple prayers and to pause to be with Jesus. Later, we live into adult ways of service and prayer. Even later, we sit in silence with Jesus because we know Him and just cherish being with Him. Wherever we are at, we must let ourselves be guided by His words in Scripture and His loving embrace in silence. First steps in faith must always be followed by next steps toward greater union with Jesus Christ.

Jesus is Present to You Through Others

I have been blessed to have so many teachers! They have taught me in both words and deeds. Role models are best to learn from. Words can be hollow. My parents both taught me in word and deed. They lived their love of me, my siblings, and everyone they came in contact with. I also have extended family and friends who live the Gospel values. What a wonderful blessing! We must recognize the good in our lives from where it comes – usually others close to us. Drink deeply of the well of goodness that exists near you. It will serve you – and us all – well!