Invite Jesus into Your Day – Each Day

I find the morning before my day begins to be my best time for prayer and reflection. The Holy Scriptures give me a taste of the wisdom of God. Jesus’s Life inspires me. Twenty minutes of Centering Prayer give me the quiet in my heart I need to begin my day -and to give my best in each moment. Our Lord gives us what we need when we need it, if we let Him enter our hearts daily.

Finding Jesus in the Quiet

When I turn to Jesus in the quiet, I can gently find Him. He is silent and loving and accepting of all of me – even my sins and failing. Nothing is hidden. All of me is loved! These inner stirrings are not a lion’s roar but a gentle breeze. I can find this gentle breeze and embrace if I find the quiet. I can find most anywhere if I seek it with my humble heart.

Jesus Is Our Guide

So many of the stories of Jesus’s life can offer inspiration. My daily reading of the Mass Gospel story fills my life with Jesus – both His action and His words. His Resurrection stories give me great hope and joy. His teachings give me a glimpse of the Kingdom of God and how I can bring it into being now in big and small ways.