Build a Life Rooted in Jesus

My life is rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ! This is where my life must remain. Daily listening and dialogue with Jesus can keep me whole and devoted to ways that are life giving. Without deep roots in Jesus, I will stray and lose my way. I know I can stray away from the love of Jesus. When I do, I must notice and run back to Him. Daily prayer and Scripture reading helps along with action in love. Staying grounded daily is my key habit.

Set Your Heart on Higher Things

I too often set my heart on lower things in life. I worry and plan and worry and plan. I reflect on my troubles and problems instead of the opportunity. Why is this Lord Jesus? Help me to live each moment fully. Help me to see the sunrises, the days full of hope, the sunsets and refreshing sleep as gifts. Help me set my heart on this moment that allows me to serve others and You. My heart needs to be set on giving my life to others and You, Dear Lord Jesus!

Find Rest from Your Anxieties in Jesus

I seek silence and to allow thoughts and anxieties to float away. I wish to just be held. However, it is so difficult not to rush to do the next activity or into the next thought. Being silent and overcoming thoughts or anxieties with my prayer words – small in number – gives me true relief. The word of Jesus is enough to find Jesus. He always rushes to me and is always present if I only ask.