Mystics Need Silence

Mystics need to cultivate periods of silence in their lives. Silence is where God breaks through into our lives. Our minds race ahead. Our being follows. Give yourself the gift of silent moments – and the awareness of God in those moments. God certainly is with us and in us always. Silent moments are where we can recognize it and be truly grateful for it. Let go – and let God speak to your heart in silence.

All is Mystery

If we are honest, our entire life is a mystery. We attempted to make sense of it. We strive to make it meaningful. We struggle, love, cry, and give of ourselves – all in mystery! Let’s us rejoice in this Mystery of God and Grace!

Mystics Suffer

To be human is to suffer. But, mystics embrace all of life to include suffering. God is in all. Jesus Christ suffered greatly with great Grace. We too must bear all suffering with Grace. Suffering is a deep mystery. And yet, God is in the suffering with us. We must not turn bitter and reject our lives of suffering. Instead, with faith we must turn to Jesus our model and Savior!