Mystery is a gift to the Mystic

We can tend to see mystery as problem instead of as a gift.  It’s a mystery so it is beyond me.  Why bother?  But, a Mystic sees mystery as the invitation to ponder it for a lifetime – and to reap the benefits of praying and reflecting over it.  The Trinity is just such a mystery .  So is Jesus’s Incarnation, Life, Death and Resurrection. All of these mysteries give the Mystic a lifetime of glorious reflection.  These mysteries can us give so much food for contemplation and action.  Mystics live the here and now while reflecting on the great mysteries of faith and life.  All great things in life are mysteries. Life, pain, joy and death are all mysteries that we will never completely understand.  And, they are not meant to be fully understood in this world.  As Christian Mystics, we believe we can explore them in this lifetime – and in the afterlife with our Triune God and the community of saints.  As a Mystic, live within the great mysteries of life!

Where is the Silence?

Finding silence in our noisy world is sometimes difficult.  Where do you find peace of mind?  Where do you find quiet time to just listen and experience what is around you?  Our lives can be filled with noise.  Our minds can be filled with endless thoughts.  Mystics find the quiet within a noisy world.  Mystics turn to silence to hear that deep voice of Love within.  Historically mystics have help those around them – during their lives and after – to see how to find the silence.  We need to ask ourselves daily  a simple question,“Where is the silence?”