Mystics are in Heaven all the way to Heaven

Mystics are in Heaven on their way to Heaven.  They can experience elements of Heaven right here on Earth.  We have this notion that Heaven and Earth are vastly different places.  We imagine that we must pass through Earth to get to Heaven.  But, do we?  Historically Mystics seem to be living Heaven on Earth.  They are living models of what comes next – and is already.  Mystics can be completely practical by choosing to live the life of Heaven now.  We too should consider making this choice.  And, we do so by living actions of Heaven now.

Easter Reaffirms Mystics

Each year we celebrate Easter and it can remind us of what we can see each day – Resurrected Life.  Jesus lives the internal pattern of life, death, and resurrected life.  He affirms for us that all is Holy and that even death cannot conquer life!  Mystery surrounds life and its pain and sorry.  Jesus Christ overcomes all of this.  In Easter, we can live as mystics knowing all of life is of this pattern – life, death and resurrected life!  Hallelujah!

We Can Choose to Live Heaven Now

What we choose now is what we shall have later seems to be what the saints realized.  We can choose to have something beyond an idyllic hope for a later heaven.  We can choose to have  a living experience right now!  Live your mystical life now.  Revere its beauty, wonder and mystery.  Live life with hope despite pain and suffering.  What we choose now matters.  Choose faith, hope and love – these are the elements of a fruitful life – and afterlife.