Are You Ready for a Mystical 2019?

2019 is just days away.  Are you ready to make it a mystical year?  As we close one year and begin another, we must prepare our hearts.  Mystical experiences are like other experiences in our lives – we must prepare our hearts for them.  Are we prepared to be silent each day to hear the still, small voice of God in our lives?  Do we find ways to remain aware of all that is around us each day?  What new ways will we find to be more open and aware of the prompts of the Spirit in 2019?  Preparing our hearts for a Mystical 2019 is so important to both us and our community.  Spend some time reflecting on how you will best enter 2019.  Let God assist you in your heart preparation.

Moments as a Mystic

We can all have moments as a mystic.  We can find moments – even if they are brief – to be quiet and available.  However brief, they can give us meaning and rest from a weary world.  Mystics find time – short or long periods – of time to pause the thinking  and just be present.  It does not need to be majestic.  It can be simple, brief, and loving.  We might be distracted – that is ok – we can just sit quietly.  Our very attempts make it holy.  Our God loves us.  Deeply.  Completely. And, waits – ever so gently for majestic moments with us.  Let’s give Our God those moments!  Let’s give ourselves those moments!

Be Vulnerable!

Being vulnerable is not what we want to be.  We just don’t like it.  It feels like we are making ourselves targets for those who would take advantage of us.  Are we?  Not if we are being vulnerable first to God.  If are totally open to our loving Triune God, we can be sure we will be loved deeply and completely for who we are right now.  Wow!  That is so powerful.  And, when we are vulnerable and loved by God, we can be open and available to and for others.  Jesus was just such a person.  Vulnerable and totally dependent upon Abba – Daddy.  And then, totally and completely vulnerable and open to all others – even outcasts.  Being vulnerable to God and then others is our divine calling.

Mystics Remain Available

What is a mystic?  Who can become one?  Everyone can become a mystic!  Our Loving God wants us all to be available to the quiet voice offered to all.  Mystics are first and foremost available to hear the gentle prodding and receive the experiences that everyday life bring.  Jesus calls us to be child- like.  Children are open, joyful and available. We too must be open, joyful and available.  If we are, we are living as mystics.  Seek the intimacy of our Lord – it is available to all.

To Love is to find God

The God we love has tremendous influence over our lives.  Our God wants influence not power.  Power is most often used in the context of control – not love.  Our God is a God of Love – not primarily of power.  Sure, our God is most powerful because our God loves so completely.  We exists because of this extreme love.  And yet, we are free to choose to love back – not compelled to.  Why?  Our God wants such love freely – not through compelling us.  Love God because it will bring you the deepest life you will ever know.  God is Love.  Find God in Love.