Today You Can Be a Mystic!

None of us need to wait to be a mystic.  We can do it right now.  We are worthy and able to live this way.   Just quiet your heart.  Start with even a few minutes.  Do it daily.  Practice it.  Live into it.  The saints did not start off saints.  They lived into it – from where they were at the time.  Augustine was just such a person.  He lived a live of outlandish choices.  He then began to live – incrementally at first – differently.  We can too!  The Grace that was his is offered to us – each one of us.  Seize it today!

Who Will I Be Today?

Each day we get to choose the way we will live.  In a sense, we get to choose who we will be today.  As an aspiring Mystic, you can choose to be in relationship with the Eternal One.  That is an awesome opportunity. But, like all opportunities, it can be wasted.  Why would we do that?  We shouldn’t!  This moment you can turn to God and seek to love God.  For me, Jesus is the One I turn to each morning to start my day.  A simple “good morning” will work.  Time in silence listening will work.  Reading Sacred Scripture will work.  There are so many options.  Choose one to begin! Like a loving parent, when we turn to God we will be held and cherished. Such a wonderful start to what could be a great day!  Enjoy!

Mystics Find God Everywhere

When you seek the eyes of a mystic, you can find God everywhere and in everything.  Some say, “seeing is believing”.  Mystics know that “believing is seeing”!  God is in all and of all and therefore is available in each moment we live and breathe.  This is our opportunity. This can be our life.  The world needs us to live this truth.  We need it to find our truest self.  Look for God everywhere in all moments and you will find God everywhere and in all moments.  Jesus goes looking for us as He went looking for the lost in His time.  But, He is gentle.  He is there – but we must have “eyes to see”.  When we do, great joy awaits!

Every Day is a Chance to Be Mystical

Each and every day is a chance to be mystical.  There is mystery and awe all around us.  I saw it on my walk this morning.  Do you see it around you?  Look for it!  Life itself is a mystery – be in awe of it.  The person in my family.  The cardinal in my tree this morning.  The deer running through the lawns.  All is Grace! All is wonder!  Every day is your chance to by mystical.  Don’t miss it!