Mystics Love Themselves

Mystics need a healthy dose of self-love.  If we believe our Triune God loves all always then that must include us.  God loves our current self and not just our future self.  God loves us as we are and not who we are becoming.  Sure, we need to go on the journey to greater love and giving of ourselves to others.  But, this does not mean we are not loved right now the very way we are.  We must love others the way they are right now.  Jesus loved everyone as they were right as He met them.  He loves us right now no matter what is transpiring in our lives.  This may be one of the hardest things for us to do – but to find God within us is truly our destiny!

Let the Little Things Give You Joy

We can get in the habit of waiting for big events in our life to see God’s Grace.  Why do we do that?  Is our God only in the so-called big moments?  I don’t believe so.  In fact, I am certain that God is not.  God is in all moments.  Being a mystic means we see God everywhere and always.  It is all of God’s making – each moment.  When we see a sunrise or sunset – do we truly enjoy it?  When we give or get a simple smile – do we rejoice?  Why not?  Small, ordinary things are the stuff our lives are filled with.  We need to see God in all and of all.  If we do, our lives will never go without the joy we are gifted by God to have!  Let’s rejoice!