Mystics Have Habits of Prayer

To be a mystic means to be in union with our God.  To live a mystical life is to turn to prayer frequently and naturally.  Building solid habits of prayers is how to move gently and intentionally toward developing a deep relationship with our Triune God.  Jesus is the guide.  Notice how often in the Gospels Jesus seeks time with with His Father.  He actually used the word Abba.  An intimate expression of parent used by a small child – more like Daddy or Mommy then Father or Mother.  Intimate times of listening and talking with Jesus built upon habits of prayer offer a life of mystical connections.  Build solid habits of prayer to be a mystic!

Live Humbly

We are called by Christ to live humbly in service to others.  In the Gospel from Luke (Lk 14:1,7-11), we are reminded to live humbly.  Why is this so important?  I think it is to keep us focused on others.  When we think highly of ourselves we can become focused on us and our wellbeing.  If we see ourselves as humble servants, we are more likely to love and serve others.  Jesus shows us the way to do just this!

Prayer Heals

When we pray we heal ourselves and those around us. It is an act of courage to pray – especially for others. When we pray we can truly effect change in the world around us. At times, we feel helpless and unable to stop the violence and discord around us. We can loss hope. We can turn depressed or even angry. However, we need not. Instead,we must be the change the world needs. Start with prayer for others. Start with simple words of thanksgiving for those you love, those you work with and for those who have no one to pray for them. And, remember, as you pray for others the graces you pray for them are also granted to you! Prayer heals our world – please do it frequently each day!