John the Baptist as Model Mystic

John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin, is a model mystic for us.  He had a unique calling to proclaim the arrival of Jesus’, the Kingdom of God, and for all to “look anew” and “turn around”.  He determined his mission and live his unique life.  Are we not called to do the same thing?  Our Triune Lord must also have a unique call for all of us.  Must he not?  Only in silence, reflection and seeking can we even hope to find it.

His Yoke is Easy

Jesus tells us His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  I know that I often need to read this from Matthew’s Gospel (Mt 11:25-30).  I too often feel the weight of the world on my shoulders and long for relief.  When I sit with Jesus, He reminds me to step away and to follow His lead.  He is meek and humble.  He is always present in our weakness.  He gives us the strength to carry whatever burden we must bear.  The longer I journey the more I know that it is Jesus’ yoke and burden that I seek.  I do not need to bear it alone.

Life is a Mystery

The longer I live the more I can see that life is a mystery.  I have tried to comprehend it.  I have tried to control it.  I have tried to in all manners define it.  In the end, it is still a mystery.  Our Triune Lord has devised an amazing array of life and endless mystery. After wrestling with it, I have come to finally just admire it.  No need to own it, control it or fully understand it.  I just want to admire it – and joyful proclaim how it announces our Lord’s Presence!

Love Our Enemies

Loving our enemies is one of Our Lord Jesus’ most difficult commands.  This seems so counter to all our culture teaches us.  And yet, it is at the heart of loving all that is Our Triune Lord’s calling.  If all is of God’s, than all is to be loved – especially His children.  It takes a sense of true humility to admit we are all flawed in some way and to see the best for all is to begin to see God in all – even those who we are not close to.  May we all love our enemies – and come to love them through seeing Our Lord in all.

Finding Strength

When life is difficult, finding strength is our task.  Where can we find it?  Certainly, with others, in solace – and with Our Lord.  This is where we should turn in times of need – to our prayers of hope.  It is in our hope we can find the strength to get to the next moment.  It is our prayers of hope that will give us what is needed now.  We must not despair. We are gifted with a Lord who has beaten death – and its temptations and desolations.  We can find strength by turning to Him!

Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Today is the celebration of the Holy Eucharist – His Body and Blood.  This mystery – and our celebration of it – mark our community celebration as Catholic Christians.  I know for me, I am drawn to this simple and profound celebration. I am in awe of its message – that Christ lives and has His Presence in the everyday things of bread and wine.  Christ is all to all – and yet present in our everyday life.  As a member of the praying community, I gather each week to share this Sacrament. I do so with a humble and contrite heart.   I also do it with great joy knowing that my brothers and sisters throughout the world are also celebrating.  It is quite remarkable!

All is Sacred to Mystics

All that is- is sacred in the eyes of mystics.  We should not look to define what is sacred and what is not.  This limits our Triune Lord’s ability to transform all that is into all that is sacred.  Bad things happen.  Evil is real.  However, our Triune Lord transforms all because all is meant to be sacred.  This is the mystery of all of life.  Our part is to see and act to bring about the sacred through Christ Jesus.  We do so by first acknowledging that all is sacred and God transforms all.  We live differently when we look for and seek all as sacred.  Each moment is a gift – even the most painful or sinful – once it is transformed.  We are limited.  We fall short.  Others fall short.  Keeping our eyes fixed on what can and is sacred – eventually all – makes us living and developing and growing – mystics.  Live life sacredly.

Being Salt and Light

As followers of Jesus, we are called to be salt and light for our world around us.  Jesus, Himself, in Matthew 5:13-16, encourages to change the world by our being such salt and light for others.  But, how do we do so?  I am convinced we cannot do it on our own. We must be connected to the ultimate salt and light of the world – Jesus.  As Mystics, we are intimately in union with the source of life and experience His presences through prayer and action.  This allows us to be light and salt.  Contemplation and Action and Action and Contemplation in view of others and in service to others!  This is how we learn, strive and humbly be the salt and light so many need in today’s troubled world.

Celebrating the Holy Trinity

Today is Holy Trinity Sunday.  It is a day where we remember, honor and celebrate the Holy Trinity.  However, it’s not one that usually draws much attention outside of the Mass and the Church calendar.  Why is that?  In my opinion, it is because it is a concept that befuddles and confuses us.  Three in One God?  How does that even happen?  So, we often quietly acknowledge it – and move on to other things.  But, should we?  I don’t think so!

Recently, I have learned of how the Holy Trinity can best be understood – and lived – as a verb rather than a noun.  If our Triune Lord is an action – or a relationship of love – than it not only is it more easily understood – it can change our lives.  Our Triune Lord lives is a loving relationship between the Creator, Son, and Spirit.  A sort of Divine Dance, as Fr. Richard Rohr would say.  This relationship even invites us to join the loving dance – one that gives life and joy and hope!  Our Triune Lord invites us into a Divine Dance with all that is and ever was and ever will be!  Wow!  Now that is a concept – The Holy Trinity – worth celebrating!

Giving of Ourselves

We are called to give the gift of ourselves.  But, to whom? We must give of ourselves to our Triune Lord and others – completely.  This is a hard thing for all.  Upfront we must know just how hard this is.  Knowing so makes us humble and accepting of the Grace we will need to begin to be successful. Our Lord Jesus lived this hard way.  The Way of Jesus is the way of sacrifice and unending love.  It is far too often the path less chosen.  But, in love, all is possible!