Everyday We Can Experience God

Each day provides a chance to experience our Triune God. But to do so, we must be mindful and available. This is our choice. We usually refer to this as prayer. And, it does not need to be complicated. A simple pause, a well-known verse, an Our Father, and a Centering Prayer period all are forms of prayer that allow us to experience our Triune God.

It’s up to us. God is always available. Will we make ourselves available?  Will you make yourself available?

Let Jesus Pierce Your Heart

Will we allow Jesus to pierce our hearts and guide our minds? Will we follow Jesus and His example of love? Love unconditionally is our calling as Christians. Like Jesus, we must turn our minds, hearts, and souls to our Triune God. We can be nurtured and loved – but only if we allow it. Our God is a gentle God who comes to us only if we allow it. Allow your heart to be pierced by Jesus.

Do I Pray Even When I Don’t Feel Like It

Prayer is essential to our life and relationship with our Triune God. Even we we lose our desire for it, we must press on. Having a daily prayer routine fixes this habit into our lives. We must carry on even when we feel like stopping. During good times we may feel the very presence of Jesus within us. Sometimes due to our circumstances or due to God wanting to strengthen us, we lose these wonderful feelings. Carry on, my friend. We must desire God with our whole being – even when we do not feel the warmth of His presence.

Do We Want To Live In The Light?

Do we long to be with Jesus each day? Do we rush to His side in the early morning light to feel His comfort and listen to His voice? Our desire to live in His Light is what we must nourish. When we fail to do so, we let ourselves linger in the darkness. The darkness can lure us away from what will give us faith, hope and love. Joy can fade from our lives when we fail to spend time with Jesus. He nourishes our souls. We all need it, whether we realize it or not in the moment.

Do You Give Your All Like Jesus Did?

Jesus became one of us and gave His all. He lived as us, died as we do, and then rose from the dead. All of this He has done for you. Will you give your all to Him? He calls you to rest in Him when you are weary. He offers you green pastures to lie down. If you are hungry and thirsty, He offers you Himself in the Holy Eucharist. There is nothing Jesus wont do to be with you. Give your all back to Him and find the peace and joy you crave.

Trust In The Security Of Jesus

The world will test you. Its ways are not always the ways of God. Jesus is our Savior always. He did not save us just once upon Calvary. He can save us daily. Trust in Jesus and His Way. Spend time with Him daily. Hold nothing back from Him. He wants all that you are and wants to embrace all of you. There is no more secure home for your heart, mind, and soul. Go their today. Be at home in His arms.

Be Quiet To Seek Jesus

We can only truly hear Jesus in our lives if we find silence. When we can be quiet and overcome the outer and our inner noise, we can hear and sense God. Our agendas and tasks can get in the way of the beautiful and wonderful experience of just being with Jesus. This relationship of just being with Jesus is certainly a form of powerful prayer. We can be loved, cherished, and fully alive in the silence with Jesus. Find your quiet space to experience this amazing feeling and place in your life.