Everyday We Can Experience God

Each day provides a chance to experience our Triune God. But to do so, we must be mindful and available. This is our choice. We usually refer to this as prayer. And, it does not need to be complicated. A simple pause, a well-known verse, an Our Father, and a Centering Prayer period all are forms of prayer that allow us to experience our Triune God.

It’s up to us. God is always available. Will we make ourselves available?  Will you make yourself available?

No Idol Of This World Will Save Us

Self-sufficiency is promoted by our world. It is a myth and will lead to our unhappiness and much pain. We need Jesus and others. A life of deeper prayer and devotion will lead us to Jesus and His Ways. Love, hope, and joy follow a life of prayer and devotion. Give your heart to Jesus. Only He can heal you. No false idols or distractions can heal your heart and soul. Jesus can. Go to Him.

Do You Long To Be With Jesus Or Take Him For Granted?

Our longings can teach us much about what we most value. Do we long to be with Jesus in the Eucharist or in Holy Prayer? If not, what do we long to do? Where do we direct our attention? We can easily spend our hours in useless of even sinful ways. Instead, seek to be with Jesus! Long for His Presence in your life! What we long to do and actually do is up to us. We can learn to long to be with Jesus – for He longs to be with us!

Seek The Innocence Of A Child And Spiritual Maturity

Jesus wishes us to love with the sincere innocence of a child and spiritual freedom of a mature adult. Can we be both? Can we give ourselves completely to Jesus Christ? We can, even if it is not complete at first. Through the moments of each day, we can let Jesus and His Ways guide us on our way. We can be gentle, love deeply, care greatly, seek to assist others, and so much more. Through it all, we can be loved and cherished as a child of Christ. Seek this way to live!

Are You Committed To Contemplation?

Commitment is the first requirement to go deep into Jesus as a contemplative. Choosing the interior and not the exterior – at least for a meaningful amount of time – must include a deep commitment to be present with the ultimate Presence. Go deep. Go often. Find the way for you to give up the exterior focus which we easily have. Remember Who awaits you! Jesus Christ is amazing!! Give Him you – it is all He truly desires!! Come as you are to His Presence because He accepts all of you right now!!

Be Quiet With The Jesus

Can we remain quiet in the presence of Jesus? Can we rely more on Him than ourselves? When we remain in silence with Him, He can speak to us. Our hearts know His voice if we will only listen. Contemplation and silence allows us to hear His still small voice. All is well when we reside in Him. Do not let the distractions of this world carry you away. Remain in the quiet with Him through every storm. The storms will come, but you can remain in Him always.

Do You Make Jesus Feel Welcome?

Do we make Jesus feel welcome in our lives? Is He an anticipated and celebrated guest for us? Do we spend time with Him? Do we long for Him when we find ourselves caught up in our many activities in our lives? We belong to Jesus Christ. Contemplation and silence are places we can go to be with Jesus. We can pause frequently, even in our busy lives, to say prayers and reflect on the love of Jesus. We can sacrifice and help others out of devotion to Jesus. These ways, and many others, can help Jesus feel welcome.

Marvel At The Power Of God

Do you ever marvel at the power of our God? We can forever live in awe and wonder of our amazing God! God has done so much for us and continues to do so each moment of each day! Lets us trust in this awesome power and glory. Let it invade every element of our being each day. When we marvel at the glory and power of God we become willing to change. We become willing to seek forgiveness. We become willing to give all that we are to this amazing God!

Hide Nothing From Jesus Christ

Are there aspects of your life that you want to hide from Jesus? If so, He knows – and loves – you anyway. Hide nothing from Him! He is accepting and forgiving of us always. Try again – as meekly as you must – and He will welcome you back with open arms. Our Jesus is our best Friend, Savior, and Redeemer! Let nothing get in the way of His Ways and His Love!

Families Share Salvation

Family life is vitally important to our Salvation in Jesus Christ. He was born into a loving family that raised Him. He had loving grandparents and parents. We do not know much of the details, but we do see this love in the ways of Jesus during His life. We too must be good and loving family members giving the graces of hope, joy, love and peace to all whom we are blessed to have in our families.