What is a Mystic?

So, what is a Mystic? In its simplest form, it is anyone who experiences God – and acts upon this experience. It is available to everyone. Yes, everyone. Many faiths and religions have proclaimed Mystics. These are usually individuals who are believed to have had profound experiences with God. And yet, even the most common experience of God can be a mystical event. I prefer to use the word mystic in a more common and approachable way. For a God who truly loves us, would not place beyond each of us the opportunity to experience God’s presence.

However, a mystical union with God can and should be more than just an experience. It can and should become a radical deepening of consciousness which becomes grounded in love and service.

To be a mystic, you simply must be open to and seek to experience God – and to live in this union through thought and action! Are you ready to do that?