We Can Find God in Every Day

“… if it’s true that I can lose You (God) in everything, it must also be true that I can find You in everything. If You have given me no single place to which I can flee and be sure of finding You, if anything I do can mean the loss of You, then I must be able to find You in every place, in each and every thing I do. Otherwise I couldn’t find You at all, and this cannot be, since I can’t possibly exist without You. Thus I must seek You in all things. If every day is “everyday,” then every day is Your day, and every hour is the hour of Your grace.” (From Karl Rahner, Encounters with Silence, p 49-50.)

When we look for God in every day – we can find God everyday.  But, it does take the act of faith and the willingness to see God in places that we could so easily miss Him.  Karl Rahner is correct – every hour of every day is God’s.  We just need to be open to see it!

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