Union with God for Everyone?

Institutional Christianity has hardly contemplated the possibility that the consciousness of Jesus might be the consciousness of the Christian, that the whole point of the Gospel is that everyone may experience union with God in the same way as Jesus himself.” —Alan Watts

This quote is both profound and humbling.  Could it be true?  Could we experience union with God in the same way of Jesus?  More and more, I am convinced we can.  Mystics and those who teach us about them call us to seek union with our Triune Lord.  Jesus shows us the way.  His life was one of humble service, contemplative prayer, and loving sacrifice for all.  His words and lived experience demonstrate how to love, live and be fully alive.  The great collection of saints show us ways others throughout history have followed His lead.  Mystics can describe for us what we can – and do – experience.  But, will we believe we can?  Will we try?  These are the questions we must answer for ourselves.

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