Jul 19

Mystics Don’t Resist Reality

It's completely natural to want to escape our current situation. We want wish away our current reality. But, mystics seek to live in the reality of their lives with Grace. Seeking Grace gives them the hope and courage to live gracefully despite the circumstances. The now is where we need to direct our attention- using Grace to live it well.

Jul 19

Mystics Suffer

To be human is to suffer. But, mystics embrace all of life to include suffering. God is in all. Jesus Christ suffered greatly with great Grace. We too must bear all suffering with Grace. Suffering is a deep mystery. And yet, God is in the suffering with us. We must not turn bitter and reject our lives of suffering. Instead, with faith we must turn to Jesus our model and Savior!

Jul 19

Mystics and Saints

Mystics are the not the same as Saints. We can all be mystics. How we view life and live can allow all to be mystical. Saints are beyond mystics. Saints live mystical lives - and they have suffered while accepting Grace into their lives. This allows them to live without the very human responses of blame, regret and transferred hatred.

Jun 19

Mystics Remain Open to Suffering

Suffering is a part of everyone's life. Mystics must remain open to their own suffering and the suffering of others. Experiences whether good or painful remain the stuff of mystery. Mystics must embrace life's mysteries. Remain open to all in the love of Christ.

Jun 19

Mystics Remain Humble and Open

To see the world as mystics, we must remain humble and open to what the Universe is saying and doing. We must remain present and suspend judgment so we can truly learn - and enjoy. Appreciating all that is - good and challenging- is what we are called to do and be.

Jun 19

Mystics Use All Their Experiences

Mystics let all of their experiences guide them- especially the hurtful and negative ones. God uses it all - to love us. When we hurt, we have the opportunity to turn to God and others. In our pain, we can find healing. If we let ourselves, be present to it all. Jesus went to the edges of society. At the edges where pain and alienation exists, we find the Love of God.

Jun 19

Mystics Use Each Day Wisely

How we spend our days - each day- is how we spend our lives. Mystics spend each day in awe and gratitude while working to love and help others. When we help others - we love God. Love is much more than a feeling- it is an action!

Jun 19

Mystics Marvel that God Uses Everything

Everything is used by God - even sins and the bad that happens. Mystics recognize that nothing is wasted. We must learn to find God and love opportunities everywhere! Mystics leave their mark by recognizing and acknowledging and, when appropriate, pointing to Jesus Christ's presence in all things.

Jun 19

Mystics are Positive!

All mystics are positive people—or they are not mystics! We as mystics must remain in Christ's Hope, Joy and especially Love. Without it, we will not be living lives committed to Jesus Christ's commandment to love God and Others. We live positive lives as mystics - or just aren't mystics- yet.

Jun 19

Trinity Sunday is Mystical

It's Trinity Sunday and it is steeped in mystery. Our God is a relationship of Abba, Jesus and Spirit. Loving mystery for us to enjoy and ponder for a lifetime.