Mystic at the Mall

Being a mystic can happen anywhere – as long as we are aware of God’s Presence.  You do not need to be at Church or in your prayer space.  You can be at work, at home, at the dry cleaners, and at your child’s  ball game.  It is all whole and holy in the seeing.  Can we be open?  That is the key question.  Find God – and God’s Present – everywhere!

In my experience, it starts with being quiet.  There is usually noise everywhere.  But, can you find quiet among the noise?  For me, it starts with deep breaths and finding quiet within me.  Then, I just see what is around me.  In the people, in the space, in the noise – we can find God. Can you find God now?  Just keep trying – it will surprise you just where you can find God’s presence!

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